The high spending of each Asian tourist highlights the need to offer content adapted to this market

Tourism is indisputably one of the great engines of the Spanish economy and a source of wealth and work throughout the entire Spanish territory. Every year from the nineties to the present, the number of foreign tourists who come to Spain has been increasing, making Spain the second country with the highest number of annual tourists.

This data, which has been increasingly strengthened by British and German tourism, among others, has resisted international setbacks such as Brexit and, more recently, the pandemic. However, not all nationalities are equally interested in enjoying ourselves. And it is that the Asian market, the authentic and indisputable economic monster that is increasingly approaching economic hegemony ahead of Europe and even America, still does not have Spain among its favorite destinations.

Unadapted experiences

The Asian tourist has a reputation for seeking luxury. But what do we mean by luxury? Beyond some exclusive experiences, the lack of adaptation to Asian languages ​​of the elements that are part of our offer in many cases prevents these tourists, eager for discovery, from being part of our tourism and economic muscle.

Can a tourism business afford not to translate its products into languages ​​such as Chinese, Japanese or Korean? Of course, if what you want is to be able to attract a quality tourist profile, who spends money and does not generate a commotion, the answer would be no. The translation of web pages, restaurant menus or any other experience that encourages Asian tourists to go to businesses in Spanish territory will be a necessary step to increase this figure.

In 2019, due to using data prior to the pandemic, 896,610 Chinese tourists visited Spain. A figure that, although it represents a significant increase compared to previous years, is really far from other countries such as France, the United Kingdom or Italy, which exceed two million visitors each. Taking into account that the average cost of a Chinese tourist exceeds 300 euros per day, the trend with respect to competitors should alarm the sector.

Tabla datos turismo asiatico españa

A worthwhile investment

But it is all the Asian tourist who invests a lot in their vacation periods, not just the Chinese. Each Japanese tourist left 417 euros per day during their stay in Spain, the Koreans 353 euros, while those from India spent an average of 357 euros per day during their holidays in Spain.

With such overwhelming figures, investment in translation and localization of the experiences offered to tourists so that they are received and then lived by Asian tourism seems like a safe bet. And it is that, the studied opening towards new markets is usually a good idea to expand and improve any business model, but when the brilliance of the market is like the one offered by the Asian one, the question is what is the Spanish tourism business waiting for? definitively open up to Asia?

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