Have you ever thought about the 9 advantages of having your website multilingual? Well, there are quite a few more than you think, and maybe some of them will surprise you. That is why in this article we are going to mention 9 of them that we are sure will convince you to approach the project of a website in several languages ​​with greater enthusiasm.

Your potential audience multiplies

Although there are those who read content in other languages, it is not the most common. Whatever the content of your website, the fact that it is accessible in different languages ​​will ensure that a greater number of people review it. For example, only 7.9% of Internet users read content in Spanish, while 25.9% do so in English and 19.4% in Chinese (2020).

More sales

According to a Common Sense Advisory study, “consumers were 3 times more likely to buy if addressed in their language.

And nearly two-thirds (66%) of consumers told us they would pay up to 30% more for a localized product or service.”

For this reason, it is not surprising that the main brands around the world have their site available in several languages, so that the majority of users who access it will be able to easily understand all the contents. All this increases trust in the site and translates into more sales.

Additional languages, more keywords

People search the internet in a thousand different ways, many of which are quite difficult to predict. But another advantage of having a website in several languages ​​is that just by creating content in different languages, you will be able to generate a greater number of keywords.

Your SEO will improve accordingly

If your traffic increases, and so does the number of keywords for which you can be found, it will not take long to enter the “virtuous circle” of search engines, which reward those websites that are more successful. Therefore, the short-term investment of having a website in several languages ​​is later compensated by having to dedicate a smaller part of the budget to improving SEO.

It will allow you to enter new markets

When someone wants to access a new market, they have to communicate with suppliers, distributors, or customers, and language is the tool that makes it possible. If your company has expansion plans to new markets, the language of the web content must be a central part of the strategy. You can’t access customers in a certain area if you don’t connect with them through words. By doing so, you will make your landing in new markets much easier.

it is a way to stand out from your competition

Any business, in any industry, never loses sight of what its competition is doing. If what you sell or the way you communicate with potential customers is not very different from what your competitors are doing, having your multilingual website may be what you need to position yourself one step above your rivals in the eyes of the consumer.

It is a way to enhance your brand

The public knows that not all companies or brands are at the same level. But how do you position one above the other in your mind? There are many factors that influence, from the quality of the product to its communication strategy. However, when you also bet on a website in several languages, you are sending a message of leadership, since not everyone has the ambition or the capacity to operate in a global market.

The customer’s perception of your brand will be greatly improved since a website in several languages ​​means that the company is not afraid of facing challenges such as operating in various markets on a global level.

Forces you to maintain a high quality standard

A multilingual website is not the typical project that is carried out if it does not have a high quality standard. Generating poorly written content or carrying out poor translations of an original text only serves to damage the image of a company, which is why those who embark on the adventure of having a multilingual website are forced to do things well so as not to end up damaging your own reputation. And that the client perceives.

According to a report by the Hexagone training consultancy, 80% of e-commerce in Spain contains translation errors, which means losses in Internet sales of up to 15%.

Allows a closer relationship with your audience

By translating the contents of a website so that they can be read by people from different parts of the world, you are showing that you care about your audience, and that you are close to them. Rarely will someone raise a question through a contact form if the content on the site is not in the local language. And being able to do it easily generates a feeling of closeness that greatly facilitates the relationship with your potential clients.

As you have seen, a website aimed at audiences from different parts of the world requires a high level of quality to offer the expected results. Hence, both the writing of the contents and the translation made of them must be of the highest level.

Although it is likely that within your team you already have someone trained to write such content, it will be more difficult for you to have a group of qualified translators, and in this sense the choice of who will be in charge of this important task is crucial.

One recommendation that we are sure will not disappoint you is Komuniker, a solution for personalized translation projects that is capable of translating your content into more than 50 different languages ​​in an absolutely professional manner while maintaining the message you want to convey to your potential clients.

If you are considering carrying out a project of these characteristics, make sure that the translation services are up to the required standards. An automatic translation plugin or software is based on literal adaptations, that is, they do not consider the exact meaning of the words or the vocabulary related to the topic. Only a human translator will have the necessary sensitivity to identify the best way to translate the message that your company wants to communicate, considering different contexts and cultures of the target language.

Do not stop benefiting from some or all of the advantages of having your multilingual website just because you have not chosen the right partner.

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